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list of key players

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The following people comprised the Academic Technology Tactical Planning Team:


  • Bill Fleming, Collegis, Inc.


  • Paul Frydrych, Dean of Faculty
  • Philip Sbaratta, Assistant Dean Academic Technology & Distance Learning
  • Bill Goding, Division Chair - Health Professions
  • Maureen O'Neill, Division Chair - Liberal Studies
  • Patricia Brown, Division Chair - Business
  • Nancy Alberto, Division Chair - Math and Science
  • Terri Whitney, Professor of English
  • Sandy Carriker, Professor and Chair of Computer Science
  • Marsha Gadzera, Professor and Chair of Digital Graphic Design
  • Tina Lemoi, Instructional Technology Specialist

Learning Resource Center

  • Anne Tullson, Director of LRC
  • Lou Procopio, Director of Telecommunications

Information Systems

  • Gary Ham, Chief Information Officer
  • Aaron Toleos, Web Administrator


  • Janice Forsstrom, Dean of Administration

Student Services

  • Sharyn Sweeney, Coordinator of Tutoring Services

Corporate Education

  • Nancy Plante