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Prior to working on the Academic Technology Tactical Plan, the College had developed a five-year Strategic Technology plan. This plan was folded into the College's overall strategic plan so that specific annual action plans could be developed, implemented, and assessed. Five college-wide areas for technology enhancement were identified: Learning and Teaching, Technology Services to Students, Professional Development, Information Technology Infrastructure, and System Management and Administration.

With the decision to have Collegis, Inc. manage the infrastructure construction and administrative IT systems, the College was able to accomplish many of its strategic technology objectives. For example, the majority of faculty have desktop PCs, all faculty - full and part-time - have college email which also can be accessed from home, all student have NSCC email through Campus Pipeline, and Blackboard has been selected as a course management tool for Web courses.

From a governance vantage point, the Information Technology Committee has become a standing committee with faculty representation from all divisions and representatives for each major College component. The IT Committee is an ombudsman for technology as it affects the various functions within NSCC's organization.

With these elements in place, the College was ready to have a targeted technology campaign that could spotlight the academic component. In particular, this approach could identify a set of tactics which could bring about new options for teaching and learning through technology.