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Project Abstract

The Academic Technology Tactical Plan is an outgrowth of North Shore Community College's Five-Year Strategic Plan. One of the strategic goals is to "build the appropriate technological infrastructure and maintain its currency to ensure that the college has the capacity for using technology extensively and effectively." The college embarked on an aggressive approach to upgrade administrative systems, solidify IT infrastructure, and to create dynamic Web-facilitated systems. The Academic Technology Tactical Plan builds on this work and details a coordinated focus of all technology components to achieve curriculum transformation through technology.

The college has partnered with Collegis, Inc. for IT expertise and infrastructure development. This collaboration was extended with the hiring of a Collegis consultant who facilitated the process for developing the Academic Technology Tactical Plan. Over a six-month period faculty, staff, and academic leaders, and IT staff met approximately every two weeks to hammer out a vision, a plan, and a process for melding technology with teaching and learning - the core of the College.

NSCC's Academic Technology Tactical Plan proceeds from a central vision developed by the ATTP Team:

NSCC offers an exemplary instructional and learning environment created through the adoption and utilization of innovative technologies. This environment is characterized by: faculty experienced with energized by emergent instructional technologies; students who are free to engage in academic pursuits independent of time and place; and a firm foundation of support, assistance, and service for instructional technology initiatives.