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December 2000

  • Selecting a Consultant - the Assistant Dean of Academic Technology, the Chief Information Officer, the Dean of Administration, and the Instructional Technology Specialist interviewed and selected a consultant to manage the planning process.

January 2001

  • Determining a Schedule - after selecting the consultant, we determined a schedule of meetings and a time frame to complete the Academic Technology Tactical Plan (ATTP).
  • Inviting Participants - with a schedule in place, the Assistant Dean of Academic Technology invited participants who represented each of the academic divisions, Technology across the Curriculum, the Learning Resource Center and Media Services, Corporate and Community Education, Information Systems, and Student Support Services. In addition other key personnel were invited: the Dean of Faculty, the Dean of Administration, the Chief Information Officer, and an Instructional Technology Specialist.

March - May 2001

  • Holding Planning Sessions - the consultant conducted planning sessions approximately every two weeks. Specific tasks included the development of a Vision Statement, a set of Guiding Principles, and a series of exercises to enable the group to articulate the roles for technology in the academic component and to set priorities.
  • Creating a Working Draft of the Tactical Plan - from the planning sessions a working draft of the academic Tactical Plan was created for review and revision. The working draft reflected the priorities that emerged from planning sessions.

June - August 2001

  • Finalizing the Academic Technology Tactical Plan - with input from the planning team, the tactical objectives and projects were further narrowed down. From this focused material, a new set of priorities was established.

September 2001

  • Disseminating the Academic Technology Tactical Plan - the ATTP was made available to the college community in print and electronically.