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What Is Course Redesign?

The pedagogical underpinning of curriculum transformation includes the reexamination of teaching practices, reworking course outcomes, and redefining instructional responsibilities as information technology becomes truly integrated into curriculum. The key word here is integrated.

In many cases, academic technology - if used at all - has been bolted on to a fixed notion of classroom instruction. Technology is often relegated to supplementary exercises of additional practice. In this scenario, the instructor teaches everything that he/she has ever taught and then slaps on technology. This is neither good teaching nor effective learning. For curriculum transformation to occur requires a wholly different approach to instructional technology and the classroom. Transformation challenges the fundamental assumption of the current instructional model: that faculty members meeting with groups of students at regularly scheduled times and places is the only way to achieve effective student learning.

Transformation also requires a shift of emphasis from the teacher to the student - a shift from teaching to learning. Once learning becomes the central focus, then curriculum transformation can promote how best to use available resources - including faculty time and technology - to achieve learning objectives. In short, to achieve transformation a question must be answered: What aspects of the teaching process and current course design will change when a faculty member chooses to integrate instructional technology?