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With guiding principles in place and a general prototype defined, the first step was to test out certain elements. In Fall 2001, a Blackboard Web site for one section of CPS 100 was launched, which contained course documents that would be accessed by CPS 100 students through their Campus Pipeline accounts. In addition, CD-ROM applications produced by McGraw Hill were incorporated. Finally an online CPS 100 tutor was hired and trained.

Because the redesign project was not completed in advance of the publication of the Fall 2001 course schedule, the course was still scheduled for two meetings per week. However, the instructor gave students an option to work independently instead of coming to the hands-on meeting scheduled in a computer classroom. The focus of this phase is to test out and modify some of the online supporting features of the redesign.

In following semesters, the redesigned scheduled that reduces class meetings by 50 percent will be published, and all the features of the redesign will be implemented in a pilot phase. Results will then be evaluated and the redesign modified as an increasing number of sections of CPS 100 use the redesign model.