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Curriculum Transformation Through Technology meshes with NSCC's Five-Year Strategic Plan, "Milestones for the Millenium". A strategic initiative is Technology: A Tool for Improving the College. One of the major emphases is reforming content and delivery, which calls for "revitalizing the College's academic programming. . . in high demand/need areas." Further, the plan states that "to remain competitive, the College must initiate flexible and creative courses and delivery systems." Another technology goal aims "to increase incrementally the number and variety of educational technology applications as a means of diversifying teaching/learning and enhancing the quality and responsiveness of the teaching/learning process."

As an extension of "Milestones for the Millennium," the College has embarked on the implementation of an Academic Technology Tactical Plan. Its purpose is to envision new ways to meld teaching, learning, and technology. A specific emphasis is on large-scale course redesign using Web-based materials, technology-focused program development, Web-based academic support, and online professional development and training.

These planning efforts create an institutional context for curriculum transformation. Rather than being a single, isolated event, the redesign of CPS 100 becomes an outgrowth of initiatives endorsed by the College community.