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The purpose of this activity is to redesign large-enrollment courses using Web-enabled technology to achieve quality enhancements and cost savings. The pilot course that will be a first step in this curriculum transformation is Fundamentals of Computer Concepts (CPS 100). In collaboration with the Assistant Dean of Academic Technology, the Chief Information Officer, and instructional design staff, Computer Science faculty members will:

  • Modify the current course to include new content presentation approaches and critical thinking components for the classroom.
  • Develop Web-enabled self-paced assignments for practical applications and skill development.
  • Research commercially available Web-supported and CD-ROM course materials for inclusion in the redesign.
  • Design inquiry-based learning activities, problem-solving exercises, and collaborative project-oriented assignments.
  • Design interactive strategies using the Blackboard tool set and course management functions.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of online tutoring.

In specific terms, the integration of instructional technology in CPS 100 enables faculty to shift practice and skill development from class time to self-paced interactive computer-based modules that can be accomplished in open computer labs or at home. Thus, class time can be reduced by half since the responsibility for practice and drill are shifted to the students' shoulders. This frees faculty to spend time more usefully in individual consultation, curriculum development, and research.