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January 2001

  • Researching course redesign - the Assistant Dean of Academic Technology and the Chair of Computer Science Department reviewed the literature on the innovative application of technology to classroom teaching.

February 2001

  • Selecting a course - in order to experiment with course redesign, it was necessary to select a specific course that met the multisection-high enrollment criteria. Fundamentals of Computer Science was chosen by the department.

March - May 2001

  • Brainstorming redesign ideas - the Computer Science Department generated possible redesign ideas.
  • Selecting key applications - applications and software were considered for possible adoption in the course redesign.
  • Developing an outline of curricular modifications - broad guidelines for integrating technology and modifying curriculum were developed.

June - August 2001

  • Designing the test and pilot phases - instructors met to set out the test-modify-implement sequence.
  • Creating Web elements - a designated faculty member for Fall 2001 worked with an instructional designer to produce Web content using the Blackboard tool set.
  • Producing a redesigned instructional sequence - a modified version of the redesign was developed for Fall 2001 to allow for testing of software applications.
  • Hiring an online tutor - a computer lab technician was hired to provide expanded online tutoring to support students working independently at home or elsewhere.

September 2001 - May 2002

  • Testing and piloting the redesign - faculty assess the Blackboard and Web elements and publisher software. In addition, faculty implement the reconfigured course that includes reduced class time in conjunction with increased interactive computed-assisted instruction for skill development and practice.