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Project Documents


Organizational Structure

  • IT Committee (PDF 7K)
    This chart explains the structure of the College's 16 member IT Committee.
  • Web Functional Team (PDF 8K)
    This document explains the membership, structure, and purpose of the Web Functional Team.
  • Pipeline Advisory Team - PAT (PDF 8K)
    This document explains the purpose of the Pipeline Advisory Team, formed to bridge the gap between the Functional and Technical Teams.
  • Team Structure (PDF 13K)
    This chart outlines the membership of both the Web Functional and Technical Teams.


Project Plans


  • Faculty Survey (PDF 17K)
    Support for Campus Pipeline by the faculty was a critical component to success. We conducted this survey to gauge how faculty would react to Campus Pipeline implementation.
  • Student Computer Usage (PDF 7K)
    Many adminstrators at the College doubted our students were online or even had computers until this survey was undertaken. This survey more than confirmed IS suspicions that our students WERE online and ready to take advantage of the portal.