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Seven primary Information Systems resources were involved in this project implementation. Each member had specific roles to perform.

Chief Information Officer (200-400 hours)
The CIO served as the visionary, primary communicator, documentation writer, researched the portal capabilities, and led the overall direction. In addition, he served as the chair of one of the implementation teams, (PAT) or Pipeline Advisory Team.

Director of Administrative Technology (200+ hours)
The Director or Administrative Technology coordinated all activities associated with the implementation of the Banner Web products. In addition he served on the two Banner WEB teams associated with this project and provided options to these teams. He also provided technical support for Banner and the Web products.

Programmer Analyst (200+ hours)
This individual allowed us to integrate this system in the fashion described in section 5. He developed the online activation form, rewrote the SCT events, installed the Pipeline environment, performed the initial XML loads into Pipeline, developed the form GXICPMN, etc.

Data Base Administrator (40+ hours)
The Data Base Administrator was the primary resource for configuring the Oracle Application Server. In addition, he was responsible for working with SCT to install and configure the Student/Faculty WEB components and the required Banner latest releases.

Web Administrator (50+ hours)
The Web administrator was responsible for customizing any areas within Campus Pipeline that could be modified or that required modification. In addition, he was responsible for customization of the SCT Web interface. To accomplish this he was trained on the Pipeline customization and SCT tools (Web Tailor). The Web teams, Director of Administrative Technology and the CIO forwarded the necessary configuration changes to him.

Trainer (60+ hours)
The trainer was responsible for training the entire NSCC community on Pipeline use and functionality.

Training Requirements for IS Staff

  • The CIO and Data Base Administrator attended the free two-day overview session at Campus Pipeline in Utah. This session gave an overview of marketing strategies, strategies for overcoming advertising concerns, hardware platforms, integration issues, etc.
  • The Programmer Analyst attended the SCT 1-week training session on Pipeline in Malvern, Pa. This provided training on installing and supporting campus Pipeline. The XML load utility is covered as well as the database that the Pipeline environment is built on.
  • The Data Base Administrator obtained his training when SCT visited NSCC to install the student and faculty WEB products. In addition, the Director of Administrative Technology coordinated these activities and provided additional technical support.
  • The Web administrator utilized the SCT Web Tailor product to configure SCT Web informational messages, screen customization, and generic access. The Programmer Analyst and the Director of Administrative Technology provided this training to him.
  • The trainer was trained by the CIO on all aspects of Pipeline, including using the product from different perspectives (student, faculty and staff).