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What's Next?

  • NSCC recently integrated (June 2001) our Blackboard Learning Management System with the Pipeline system. Student and faculty account generations and course enrollments in Blackboard are automated with the event driven interface that has been developed on our Banner Admin System. Single sign on into Pipeline transparently logs you in to your Blackboard account simply by clicking on the Blackboard logo located within the School Services section in Pipeline.

Flow chart showing integration of Blackboard and CBT's into Pipeline.

  • NSCC will be incorporating 100 CBT (computer based training) modules into the Campus Pipeline environment. As with the other software integration a student's campus pipeline login information will seamlessly log them into the CBT software.
  • NSCC implemented the Web Payment module from the company Touchnet in March 2001. This system is now in production and being used regularly.
  • A future focus will be to provide a mechanism to allow our non-credit component to make use of this system.
  • Full use of Web for Faculty (Entering grades, etc.)