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Project Abstract

A growing interest within the College to use technology to encourage open communication, streamline access to administrative services, and create an online college community led to discussions of a campus portal. A decision to purchase the SCT Web for student and faculty products was made in December of 1999. These products allow students and faculty to perform administrative and inquiry functions with our student information system (Banner). In January it was determined that the incorporation of these services would be through a campus portal. The portal provider that allowed us to move forward with this integration strategy was Campus Pipeline, a company with close ties with SCT that had an out-of-the box solution for dynamically integrating with SCT Banner.

We have been live with the campus portal for one and a half years and nearly ten thousand students have activated their accounts.

The portal also provides access to email, general and targeted campus announcements, and over 100 online computer based tutorials.

Faculty have access to email, class and personal calendars, and course resource areas with the following features:

  • class email
  • distribution lists
  • class chat
  • online forums (technically called "threaded discussion")
  • online class links
  • access to web based administrative services including; class lists, course schedule, advising, etc.

Students have access to email, personal and course calendars, and course resource areas with the following features:

  • class chat
  • threaded discussion
  • class links and web based services including registration, schedules, transcripts, financial aid, payment, account balance, etc...

A slide show (Internet Explorer only) is available that provides a thorough overview of Campus Pipeline and its main features as of May 2001.