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How We Started

North Shore Community College is a multi-campus college, which needed to increase its network access to all classrooms as well as to open access areas such as the cafeteria, library, etc. Our Beverly campus is also a rented facility that will be replaced by a new building located at the Danvers campus in spring of 2003. Spending funds to hard-wire all classrooms and generic areas at the Beverly campus made a wireless solution more attractive because we would not loose that investment. We could simply move this equipment to the new campus building at Danvers.

During the fall of 2000 the cost of wireless technology was becoming affordable and provided options that could assist us with some of our logistical problems associated with providing network connectivity to certain locations. Furthermore, a wireless solution would provide flexibility and in the future allow students with laptops to gain access to the NSCC services such as email and our campus portal.

These factors prompted us to seriously investigate wireless connectivity as a supplement to the existing cabling plant. In our situation, and with older buildings wireless technology was less expensive than standard wire-and-wall-jack installation and provided additional flexibility that could not be achieved with traditional cable.