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Phase One - Pilot

March - April 2000

  • Selected the vendor Cisco and their Aironet wireless solution for the pilot.
  • Performed site survey.
  • Ordered $6,973 worth of Wireless access points, PCI and PCMCIA cards.

July 2000

  • Installed Three Cisco Aironet wireless access points at the Danvers campus.
  • Added our first general access workstations for students outside of the Bookstore.
  • Configured electronic classroom workstations at Danvers campus to utilize wireless capabilities.

August 2000

  • Wireless laptops were used to support registration.
  • Added wireless station at Registrar's office for use by students to register themselves through our campus portal.
  • Wireless access used frequently in Danvers lecture hall to support presentations.

Phase Two - Extend To Other Campuses

October - November 2000

  • Determine what vendor would be used for the other two campuses.
  • Compatibility issues and cost differences between vendors access points and wireless Ethernet cards needed to be resolved.
  • Determined that the Avaya Orinoco solution was approximately 40% cheaper than the Cisco solution, and at the time it was rated the 2nd best wireless system in the industry.
  • Finalized the Decision to utilize the Avaya Orinoco WaveLan solution for the next two campuses.

January 2001

  • Installed wireless access points at Lynn Campus, cost of $3,105.
  • Installed four wireless stations in Lynn cafeteria
  • Ordered WaveLan equipment (Access points and Wireless network cards) to support Verizon Next Step Program at a cost of $6,854.

April 2001

  • Ordered 16 Orinoco WaveLan Turbo Wireless starter kits at a cost of $16,560. These funds came from a BHE grant. This consisted of 3 access points for the Lynn 3rd floor classrooms, 2 in the Lynn Library, 1 in each lecture hall. Six access points were install in the Beverly Sohier Road campus, plus 3 access points installed in the Beverly Cummings Center Campus.
  • Installed wireless access points at the Lynn and Beverly campuses.
  • Additional student wireless PC workstations installed in Lynn cafeteria.